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Mirror of America


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Mirror of America
Shows field test of a Ford experimental small tank powered by two Model T engines at Highland Park.

City of Detroit turns out to say goodbye to soldiers of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF), scenes of patriotic parade in Detroit Michigan. WW1 Soldiers marching to train station and boarding train. Shows WWI soldier kissing goodbye to woman under umbrella at train station.

Footage of early experimental tanks. Field testing of Ford designed tanks WWI. Shows large WW1 tank smashing through buildings.

Patriotic parade and rally in Highland Park, parade sign reads “Hell Is Too Good For The Hun”.

Shows the first model of the Martin Bomber, the Martin MB-1 or Glenn Martin Bomber aircraft that went into service in 1918. CU images of Eddie Rickenbacker, America’s fighter ace in WWI. Shows aircraft factory workers building the Curtiss H-type flying boats.

Various clips from the war years of WWI. Faces of men working in the shipyard at Hog Island. Image of a Red Cross girl at a train station, Image of Capt. Edward C. Kittle, the dean of engravers at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, barracks life in WWI Army camp (man shaving with straight razor),
WWI troop train heading for port of embarkation (soldiers waving from train), WWI soldiers having last cup of coffee and with their families before “shoving off” (leaving) to war. U.S. warship leaving harbor surrounded by tug boats.

1917-Lord Northcliff, Head of British War Mission in WWI. sent by King George to arrange shipment of Fordson tractors to Great Britain. Lord Northcliff on one tractor followed by Henry Ford on another tractor.

WWI patriotic parade. Shows woman with WWI Liberty Bonds.

Shows crowds celebrating end of World War 1 (WWI).

Footage of burial procession in Washington DC to bury the unknown soldier of WWI. Funeral procession is led by U.S. Calvary troops on white horses followed by President Warren G. Harding and General “Blackjack” Pershing marching on foot. Shows casket of unknown soldier on caisson.

Shows vintage (early) automobiles and delivery trucks traveling a deeply rutted unpaved road. Shows vehicles (Model T Ford) bogged down and stuck on unpaved road. Automobiles crossing a river on a ferry. Building new roads in America after WWI, horses used to pull earth moving equipment constructing a roadway. Shows equipment used to build a concrete road, vintage (early) automobiles traveling on a smooth concrete road.

Various shots of a Ford Model T traveling over rough ground, fording a stream and though snow. Ford Model T automobile riding on railroad tracks and riding on a large diameter pipe.

Scenes of Model T Ford automobile assemble line at Ford’s automobile plant in Highland Park, Michigan. New Ford Model T automobiles (cars) leaving factory. Scenes of a Ford automobile dealership in the 1920’s. Delivery trucks in the mid-1920’s. Shows hand-crank dump truck unloading coal. Images of United States Mail truck and postal worker in late 1920’s. Mail trucks leaving central post office.

Runtime: 00:09:32
Sound: yes
File: high definition 1920×1080/24p ProRes422.
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