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Mirror of America, 1964
This film reflects on the American way of life from 1914-1921, presenting a cross-sectional view of people and progress, and picturing the daily activities, dress, and habits of people as they lived fifty years ago. Footage includes shots of Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding, Thomas Edison, and Henry Ford.

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Mirror of America, 1964

Reel 1: Mirror of America-10:03 min.
Scenes of Henry Ford camping with Thomas Edison. Scenes of Henry Ford enjoying old-time country dancing, Henry Ford with John Burroughs, American naturalist, Henry Ford ice skating with his grandchildren, and planting a garden with his grandchildren.

Henry Ford and wife Clara arriving home riding in a Ford Quadricycle, first vehicle developed by Henry Ford. This vintage “horseless carriage” or vintage motorized carriage has a “steering tiller” rather than a steering wheel. Brief image of Henry Ford with steam engine powered tractor. Shows Henry Ford on horse-drawn thrashing machine and on an early Ford farm tractor.

Image of the first Ford motor carriage with the ten millionth Ford model T in 1924. Lettering on side of Model T reads “TheTen Millionth New York To San Francisco Via Lincoln Highway”. Image of a steam locomotive pulling a passenger train in the early 1920s.

Scenes of Henry Ford Greenfield Village of homesteads, and buildings, from the 1880s to the 1920s.

Photographers using hand cranked movie cameras filming a football game; football players wearing leather helmets. Images of Henry Ford’s motion picture department at his Highland Park plant.

Farmers and farming scenes from the early 1900s. Shows woman washing clothes by hand, milking a cow and woman using a well pump to draw water; woman churning butter in a butter churn. Family reading by a kerosene lamp. Horse pulling a wagon along a muddy, unpaved road, wheel comes off wagon. Young boys and girls walk along an unpaved country road carrying lunch pales (lunch boxes). Boys and girls riding a horse drawn sled. Boys and girls having a snowball fight and climbing up an old elm tree.

Vintage train footage. Steam locomotive passenger train pulls into railroad station, view of railway station as train pullout. Point of view (pov) from train caboose as train travel down tracks and across a railroad trestle spanning a river.

Scenes of Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C. View of South Portico of White House, view of main entrance of White House and brief interior scene in early 1900s. Brief scenes of
Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston and lower east side of New York City. Scenes of New York Battery from elevated train, building sign reads “Hippodrome”.

Shows people boarding ferry in New York City. Scenes of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Battery, buildings and skyline of New York City from the Hudson River.

Scenes of heavy traffic on 5th Ave in New York City. Scenes of traffic on Riverside Drive in New York City.

Image of Grant’s Tome. Scenes of people and activity in New York City Central Park. People in boats and walking in park. Image of Angel of the Waters-Bethesda Fountain. Shows Bow Bridge (Swan Bridge?) in Central Park. Coney Island amusement park rides, “Human Pool Table”, “Steeplechase” and various other rides.

Early 1900s swimsuit and beach wear fashions, men and women on beach. Shows train pulling into Atlantic City. Image of Lucy the Elephant Hotel at end of Atlantic City Boardwalk.
People strolling along the Atlantic City Boardwalk or riding in “rolling chairs” on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

Runtime: 00:10:05
Sound: yes
File: high definition 1920×1080/24p ProRes422.
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