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Ottumwa, U.S.A


Product Description

Ottumwa, U.S.A

Army’s television series, THE BIG PICTURE

In Ottumwa, Iowa, THE BIG PICTURE cameras found a living example of the way of life and the true form of liberty of the American people. This is a visual record of Ottumwa at work, its youth, its schools, and its religious institutions. It is first the story of a city, and second, the story of the Army’s involvement with a city. Described as a different kind of story than is usually released in THE BIG PICTURE series. From its opening scene, the film grows in its appeal to capture the charm and warmth of a Midwestern community. Writers Reginald Wells and Harry Middleton, and producer Ben Stelson.

Runtime: 00:09:54
Sound: yes
File: high definition 1920×1080/24p ProRes422.

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