111 ADC 10508


Fighter Kills – Eto



111 ADC 10508 Fighter Kills-Eto

Summary: GSAP views, German planes are shot down over France; one explodes, falls in flames; ME-163 jet fighter is shot down. Good low level shots, strafing trains and traffic; some trucks are attacked on bridge; planes on the ground and in the water are shot up. GSAP views, German jet propelled ME-262 and ME-163 are brought down by fighter planes, some at high altitudes above cloud formations. (Nov 1944). GSAP views, fighter planes attacking railroad yards, trains, German planes on the ground and in the air. German pilots can be seen bailing out of some planes. GSAP views, German fighter planes shot down. Several shots of German planes destroyed on the ground. MS, explosions from strafed freight car. GSAP views, tracer fire as German planes are shot down; German pilot bails out. (Dec 44). AIR-GROUND COOPERATION.: Nyaunga, Burma, S E Asia: 02/1945. LSs, P-47s strafe and dive-bomb enemy positions. LS, British troops fording river and attacking across hilly ground under aerial cover. GSAP, strafing enemy AA positions, refineries, and supply lines at Cheuk. 

Runtime: 00:11:39

Sound: yes

File: high definition 1920×1080/24p ProRes422.

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