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Scenes of The Russian Revolution 1916-1925



Scenes of The Russian Revolution 1916-1925

The Provisional Government declared for “War To Victory,” but the troops sick of war abandoned the trenches and went home. Russian soldiers of the Provisional Government weary of fighting against the Central Powers in WWI (World War 1) are seen fording a stream on return home on horseback and with army-supply wagons. A group of soldiers on foot and on horseback watching several men finish the setting up a pole to check a communication line.

Scene of the streets crowded with war weary people both military and civilians. Scenes of shell-scarred buildings in Moscow, Russia from revolution action in 1917. Shows damage to the Kremlin Gates, the Spasskaya Clock Tower on Red Square, and several other buildings in Moscow.

Shows contingents of White Guards, who made their headquarters in Alexander Palace near Saint Petersburg, Russia, parading on the grounds of Alexander Palace in 1917.
Shows a huge crowd in the streets to watch parade. People climb the palace gate to get a better view. Pan, view dense crowd of people.
Scenes of Bolshevik prisoners on the march over snow covered country to Siberia, wooden sleds loaded with gear. Guards on horseback urge them on.

Shows Vladimir Lenin seated at home with a cat in his lap. His wife Nadezhda Konstantinovna “Nadya” Krupskaya walks in and sits beside the leader. CU, Lenin, talking. CUs, Joseph Stalin, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

View overlooking Russian military parade in Red Square, Moscow in 1930s.
Buildings shown are Saint Basil’s Cathedril and Spasskaya Clock Tower. CU, Marshal Kliment Voroshilov (Klim Voroshilov) and Joseph Stalin. CU, Stalin smiling and waving hand. Scenes of Russian YaG-10 trucks with mounted model 3K, 76mm anti-aircraft guns on parade in Red Square in 1932. Brief image of President Mikhail I Kalinin seated next to Joseph Stalin.

Demoralized Russian troops in the field at the start of the revolution. Men picking vermin from their clothing and bodies. Russian soldier seated on the ground wrapping his leg in bandages and pulling on his boot.

Scenes of unrest in Russia during WW1. Scenes of mob inside the Palace and storming the Palace gate. Damaged government buildings. Lenin speaking at meeting. Leon Trotsky speaking from train platform. Mob on railroad platform reaching for printed circulars. Trotsky presenting flag to Bolshevik Legion and kissing officer.

Shows Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky surrounded by people in the street. After the Russian Revolution in February 1917 Kerensky served as Minister of Justice in the democratic Russian Provisional Government. In May he became Minister of War. In July, he became the second Prime Minister until democratic Russian Provisional Government was overthrown by the Bolsheviks in the Russian October 1917 Revolution.

Vladimir Lenin speaking at meetings. Various shots of people walking across railroad tracks, burning ruins in BG. Scenes of burning buildings. Scenes of refugees carrying their belongings. Shows men, women and children refugees.

Scene of Russian lancers on horseback charging toward camera. Scenes of crowds demonstrating in the streets. White Russian soldiers breaking up mob in palace. Exterior scene of Russian prison, women prisoners in dungeon. Russian firing squad shooting spies. Brief WWI battle scene. Revolutionists firing from trucks. Crowd running toward gate of public building. Mob with picks, sickles, clubs, running toward gate and wooden fence. Russian Cossacks of Imperial Guards responding on horseback to restore order. (staged scene).

Scenes of Russian October 1917 Revolution. Explosion at base of tall column topped by a winged figure with outstretched arms, column falls to ground. CU, Bolshevik rioter standing on a ladder prying double- eagles Romanoff emblem from side of building. Shows broken double-eagles Romanoff emblem on ground. Shots, armed mob inside palace. Various shots of people and soldiers in street. Soldiers pushing cannon through street. Sequence: revolutionists meeting secretly in cafe. Czarist policeman knocking on door, He is shot and falls down stairs. Note: Some scenes are from theatrical films. Shows Russian children being fed.

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