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Army tests V-2 rockets



Army tests V-2 rockets

This 1946 DOD film contains unedited footage of the testing of German V-2 rockets in the United States, seized German film footage of the German V-2 rocket program and footage of Operation Paperclip, the bringing of German scientists to America.

V-2 rocket set up on launching platform at a desert launch site somewhere in the United States. Shows men working to prepare the V-2 for launch. Rocket taking off from pad in slow motion.

Seized German film show German civilians and officers at a V-2 test launching site in Germany as the Germans worked to perfect the V-2 rocket. Showed several failures in the early V-2 program and several successful launches of the V-2 rocket.
Operation Paperclip, German scientists at Wright Field in the United States. German scientists stroll near barracks at Wright Field and sunning themselves on a bench in front of the barracks. Men enter and leave mess hall. Group shot of the scientists. German scientist Dr. Friedrich Dablhoff in his jet propelled helicopter. Several German scientists in vertical wind tunnel testing new type of parachutes. Shots of the scientists at conference around drawing board and examining model airplanes

Runtime: 00:07:29
Sound: no
File: high definition 1920×1080/24p ProRes422.
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