Occupation of Tokyo, Japan, 1945

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Occupation of Tokyo, Japan, 1945

Bombing of Tokyo in WWII using conventional bombs and incendiary bombs. U.S. generals confer on Atsugi Air Field, board transport planes, and are flown over the ruins of Tokyo. Aerial view of the total destruction of large sections of Tokyo resulting from months of conventional and incendiary bombing raids from late 1944 until end of war in August 1945. Shows Japanese civilians among bomb ruins. Shows shelters or shacks made of salvaged material. Scene of a passing electric street car. Japanese man in uniform carrying large black umbrella. Large number of people at train station exiting and boarding train. People boarding electric street car. U.S. military police and Japanese civil police detained a civilian on a bicycle at a checkpoint. Two Japanese police at guard house. Three Japanese in uniforms with white armbands of the Kempeital or Military Police Corps. Three small school boys. A U.S. sentry patrolling a bridge. Two civilians digging in ruins.
Japanese woman washing clothes in wash tub in front of makeshift shelter. Large group of Japanese civilians gathered around and inspecting a U.S. military jeep.

Runtime: 00:04:45
Sound: no
File: high definition 1920×1080/24p ProRes422.
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